I Love My Town Full Of Stupid People

Sometimes I think my town is the only place with stupid people. We have had famous serial murders and rapists and now monkey smugglers.

A woman and her mother were convicted today of smuggling a rhesus macaque into the U.S. from Bangkok, Thailand last fall.

Apparently the bright mother and daughter duo traveled to Bangkok after making email contacts with a man named Boris. The daughter drugged the little monkey and shoved it under her blouse telling Customs she was pregnant. And they fell for the "I know it looks like a monkey under my blouse, but I'm really pregnant" line. When will these people learn?

On the way home the mother emailed a Witches and Pagans Yahoo group and asked “for last-minute energy” to help them safely smuggle the monkey into the United States. Well, I'll be damned, those Witches and Pagans are good; it worked. They got through Customs in L.A.

The little family was happy with their new addition but blew it when they went into a store and bragged to the clerk how they had smuggled it into the States. That clerk called federal agents, who opened the investigation.

The daughter's boyfriend ratted them out when faced with felony charges of his own. I'm betting that the loving couple won't be seeing each other anymore. The women are free on their own recognizance until sentencing on March 3. Maybe the Witches and Pagans can get a light sentence for them.

And Apoo is now at a primate rescue facility in Oregon where it will remain. Better there than with two crazy women.


Signe said…
Holy crap, what are people smoking these days?!?
Smart people do stupid things, too...the difference is they're smart enough to keep quiet about their stupid things.
Melinda said…
Wow--that's just one more perfect example of how idiotic some people can be! Even worse, the example to the kids!


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