DirectBuy Commercials = Tacky

I have seen these DirectBuy commercial hundreds of times but they have been pushing them a lot since Christmas. I sit there and watch the husband and wife with the too-tight-top describe their 'dream home' and brag about how they saved 2k on a dining set, only paying 1500.00. ONLY?? I paid 50.00 for mine used when we bought our furniture.

Another couple sits on the couch and talks about how they saved 10k on the kitchen ALONE. That means they must have spent upwards of 50k in order to save 10k. A few years ago I painted my kitchen and bought new curtains. It probably set me back less than 100 bucks and I felt pretty darn proud of myself. Our appliances are still avocado green so you know how long they've been around.

And there are more stories of how much money people have saved by being members of DirectBuy. Personally in these times, it is in extremely bad taste to brag about ONLY paying $1500.00 for a dining room table when many people are having trouble putting food on their table, no matter how much they paid for it.


Anonymous said…
Agreed.....Very tacky approach in these times.....The customers in the testimonials seem to have picked to be especially unlikeable....I wonder fit the customers given the testimonials represent Direct Buy's target demographic....

Middle aged, painfully WASPy white couples.....

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