Did I Mention That I Hate Winter?

Winter started late for us this year but I hate it already. For the last week we have had single digit temperatures and now we have more snow than I have seen in a long time.

In the last 24 hours we have about as many inches of snow. The city is paralyzed. No school, no city buses, no garbage pick-up, and cars are abandoned all over the city.

Yesterday I worked for my mom and the day started out innocent enough. They said snow, but holy crap, this is SNOW! It took me 40 minutes to get home which is usually a 15 minute trip. Then I had to leave again to pick my daughter up from school for a dentist appt. I guess we shouldn't have gone but she had a tooth that needed to be pulled so that took another 40 minutes to get there. My wipers were frozen so I had a tiny space to see out of the windshield if I crouched in my seat. It took us another 40 minutes to get home.

Our city has about 4 different areas, downtown, northside, southside and the valley. We live on the northside. Downtown sits in a bowl and the only way out in any direction is a hill. Traffic was so backed up because some of the hills were closed. I think we barely made it through to the northside before the road closed. And if you lived on the southside, chains were required to get around. I have NEVER seen that happen.

After a little dinner my daughter and I shoveled the walks. Thank goodness at least it is a light fluffy snow for us two little weaklings. Our dog thought it was pretty neat at first but then she realized that she really couldn't go anywhere. So she just stood there and looked at me as if to say "Do something".

My husband is a courier and ended up using his own car for his shift. It was so bad that his supervisor told him not to do his usual late night run into another state. When those two customers got to work this morning (a bank and nursing home) they were pissed because nothing had been delivered or picked up. Seriously??? I'm sure that they had trouble just getting to work but they were mad that supermantony couldn't travel in the worst snowstorm in history to deliver their shit????? Do they think he can hitch a ride on Santa's sleigh? I rarely see him scared about driving in the snow but last night he said he was. He was really dreading his shift tonight.

We got out early to shovel and of course our snow blower is out of gas because I didn't want to take the time to do it last week because I'm sure I had something much more important to do. But we had a good neighbor come and do our sidewalks. We live on a corner so that gives us twice as much to do. I tried to get my chains on but just couldn't figure it out and I got too cold and had to come in. My husband is trying to uncover his buried car. He has been on the phone with his work partner who had to deliver his stuff this morning and then the boss had called and him not to go to work today. That kind of makes up for last year.

I don't know if I will be able to get to work tomorrow. I want to go because I get paid every Friday. And those paychecks are what I use for groceries. I also hate feeling trapped inside my home. I understand how elderly people feel when their independence is gone. I'm not going to like it much when it happens to me.

So, basically it has been a crappy couple of days and I wish it was Spring.


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