Am I a Nosy or Helpful Neighbor?

I'm not sure, maybe both.

Yesterday morning I was looking out my window searching for my favorite winter bird. I happened to look at our neighbor's house on the opposite corner. It's the same neighbor that I just wrote about below.

I noticed a young man making trips into the house and bringing out things, like a small t.v., computer monitor and tower, backpack full of stuff and a garbage bag full of stuff. All this time he was looking around very nervously. It was apparent nobody else was home so I'm thinking; are they being burglarized? I contemplated calling the police but being a family with a lot of teens living there, something is always going on. People are coming and going all day long, but this looked strange. When I noticed that he was about ready to leave I casually went outside to look around my garden as if that's what every normal person does in the fall-almost-winter. I had a pen and paper with me and wrote down his license number, and make/model of his car.

Then I stressed all day worrying and beating myself up that I didn't call the police. I waited all day for someone to get home. I have not had a conversation with these people for over a year now, but when they came home I felt I had to ask if they had knowledge of someone coming over to take items out of their house. The mom drew a blank for a second and then said that it was her daughter's boyfriend; they had just broken up and he was getting his stuff. She thanked me and we had a few words of small talk and then I went home.

Then I felt stupid. Stupid for jumping to conclusions and damn grateful that I did not call the police. I don't want to be one of those old ladies that look out of their windows all day trying to figure out what the neighbors are doing.

Now if had been a real burglary I would have been prepared and I would have been the helpful neighbor. Now I just feel like the nosy neighbor.


Anonymous said…
If someone were taking stuff out of my house, I hope one of my neighbors is nosy enough to check! You are a good neighbor.
Signe said…
No need to feel stupid...I would want my neighbors to keep an eye on my house.
And how old is the girl with the boyfriend? He was living with her? (see, that's nosy)
kden said…
I'm not sure which daughter it was. The twins are 16 and there are two older girls. One is 24 with a baby (not married), so I don't know who the boyfriend belonged to and he was living with the whole family. See.....I'm the nosier one ;-0

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