Letter to the Editor

I'm kind of in a writer's funk so I went digging through all of my Letters To The Editor's from over the years. I guess I have been complaining for quite some time. I couldn't find all of them but here is one of them.

It was written in response to a woman who was at a local fast food restaurant and was appalled by the way local teens acted and the mess they left behind.

These Little Piggies Go To High School

I understand how Sharon feels regarding looking at the aftermath of lunch spent with high school students. But try dealing with them on a daily basis.

We live across the street from a high school. Not only do they take up parking all day, they leave a horrible mess. The year starts off fine but as time wears on they start leaving their garbage--McDonald's lunch bags on the street and they even throw pop cans into our yard. And don't even get me started on the smokers who convene and leave a trail of cigarette butts. Neighbors have even tried leaving garbage cans for them to use, only to find them tipped over.

I wrote the school principal last spring, after cleaning up after them. You would not believe the things I picked up--empty toothpaste containers, pencils, pens, hair scrunchies, and single socks. Do they wait until they get to school to get dressed? I cleaned up an entire garbage can of stuff. I have also noticed that they treat their own school property the same way. I would be embarrassed to go to school there.

Things have not changed since I wrote to the school, so maybe they don't care either. I also wonder, like Sharon, if they would be allowed to dump their garbage at their own curbside. I doubt it.

So , all you teens out there who are irresponsible, if your mama won't clean it up, why should I?

Stay tuned, I may find more.


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