All This For A Flippin' Pumpkin?

There is a beautiful farming community within a short drive of our home. The farms and orchards offer u-pick strawberries, peaches, cherries, apples, and pumpkins. I think the fall is the most popular time, for the apples and pumpkins.

We thought we would drive up there this afternoon to get our pumpkins because it was such a nice day. The drive was warm and beautiful with not much in the way of traffic.....until we came to a screeching halt about a mile from the hub of the area. We saw many cars coming out, a lot faster than we were getting in. There is a four way stop in the center of the activities, but as we got closer we found that instead of using the 4-way stop signs they had assigned a Kindergarten Cop to direct traffic.

I was driving so I asked my husband which way to our first favorite patch. He got confused (by all the traffic?) and said straight. WRONG ANSWER! That took me into a parking lot of where I did not want to go. So it took me awhile to get turned around and back to K-C flinging his arms wildly. Then my husband tells me to go right. WRONG ANSWER AGAIN. About a mile down the road I need to turn around to go back and then go straight which would have been a right originally if he had known where we were going. I can't take blame for any of this because he usually drives and I don't know my way around there even after all of these years.

So we finally get to our destination after an hour of leaving the house. I already told my husband and daughter that this would be the LAST trip up there for me. I say that every year, but this time I REALLY mean it ;-) There are lots of craft booths and yummy things to eat but the lines are too long. Then we see the lines to buy the pumpkins, after you slog out into the field to pick them up. It's not really picking pumpkins because they have already been removed from their vines. So really you are just picking THEM UP. I said no way in Hell am I standing in a line that long to buy a pumpkin. I mean they are just pumpkins that you will carve and then throw away.

I will stand in line for an hour and-a-half to see John and Andy Hillstrand, but not for a Pumpkin!

My daughter is not a young child anymore although she does enjoy going there. But I don't need to make memories like she did when she was little. I've done all that. I told her I know I was scarring her childhood by not staying. But I don't like crowds or traffic to get to those crowds.

After we all had a good laugh because I was being so unreasonable (again) I told them I didn't even want to go to our other favorite farm because we would have to go back through K-C's territory to get there. We learned of a shortcut out of the area and took that to get home. It again, was a warm, beautiful drive.

I think I will be buying our pumpkins at the local grocery store this week.


Signe said…
Oh, yes...and that's why we planted pumpkins this year! :D
thereddeer said…
hehehe, that's funny. Sounds like my kind of day :)
krzkrzkrz said…
Thats why I avoid the mall on the weekend. Too many people in queue for something. :-P

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