Will my Mom ever act like a Grandma

I know, strange title. But before you read into this as thinking I am saying she is a swinging type of grandma who doesn't dress or act her age, read on.

This afternoon we went to my mom's house to do some yard work. She is not able to do these things anymore so we are happy to help out when we can. My husband trimmed bushes and trees and my daughter and I cleaned up the deck and put all of the summer flower pots away. We also brought dinner which we enjoyed after our work was done.

After dinner my daughter had brought some candy bars out to see if Grandma would buy one. She is selling them to raise money for a school trip next Spring to NY/DC.

Grandma looked over the candy and asked my daughter if she had dark chocolate. No, sorry, just milk chocolate. Grandma said that older people aren't supposed to have milk chocolate. My husband asked her why. She said because they are too fattening.

I think she kind of missed the point. Too Fattening vs. Helping your only Granddaughter who wants to help pay her own way on a trip.

My mom has never been the grandmotherly type. I remember her mom, she used to get on the floor and play with us and we liked her so much better than the other grandmother. You know, you always have a favorite.

I remember once when dd was about 4 months old I needed a break so badly. I had been crying all day and was very stressed about this new motherhood thing. I called and asked if I could bring dd over for awhile. She was married at the time and said that they were busy working on a counter in the kitchen and they really needed to get it done. She didn't suggest another day or maybe later in the day. Nope, she was just busy.

My daughter is 13 years old. She has stayed over at her Grandma's house two times. Two...that's it! And only because we had to go out of town for a funeral and then a reunion.

I think she's missed out on a lot and it makes me sad. My daughter has no grandparents from her dad's side and no grandpa either from my side. My mom is it and she is missing an opportunity to really get to know my daughter.

Her Loss; I have a great kid.


Signe said…
Yeah, it's just not something I understand well...I think the theory is "I'm done raising kids," which I think is pretty lame.
kden said…
I know she doesn't feel well in general. But that translates into "I feel miserable so everyone else must too".
John Sullivan said…
Your Mother is cheating herself out of one of the greatest if not THE greatest joys in life,what a shame.
Nice blog.I see you were spending alot of time on Blogcatalog and I noticed that none of those people even come to your blog well they are cheating themselves also.Great writing Thanks
kden said…
Well, thanks John! You have truly made my day.

Yea the whole thing just makes me sad. That's why we are going to be eating a whole lot of chocolate so she can go on this trip.

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