Why Do I Care?

The neighbors' dogs revisited. We're getting ready to take a walk this morning and one of our neighbor's dogs is at our back gate. Another one in the yard is clearly not happy because he's not the one that got out. Apparently there is a broken slat in the back fence and she got out. His truck is pulled up so close to the fence that my husband couldn't get back there to get her back in.

I called them both on their cell phones; no answer. The dog made her way back in so I called her back to let her know. She answered and said that she told her husband about the fence but he hadn't got around to it yet.

A little while later, some guy knocks on our door and asked if a little dog was ours. He described it and we knew right away it was Shithead.

I try to be a good neighbor and go over and try to open the front gate. He's not having any of it, yapping his little fool head off. I was afraid he was going to snap my ankles off. I called her again and had to leave a message to tell her that "her baby" was the one out now and almost got creamed by a car. We live on a busy one way street and if there is a dog out, you can bet that it will not be home tonight. Behind us is another one way street going the other way and I have seen plenty of dogs get hit on these two streets.

Plus now they have acquired another little dog; a wienie. It's the wife's aging aunt's dog and they are looking after it for awhile but I'm afraid it will be permanent. He's a cutie and quiet but that's 4 dogs now. If that little one gets out, dear auntie will not be happy.

Geez, why do I care so much? I guess deep down I really do care about them and what happens to them. Well, most of them anyway.

So please, neighbor, fix your damn fence so I can go back to being bitchy.


Signe said…
lol...my favorite is when a dog poos in our yard..so fun!!

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