Which Way Did He Go?

My husband is at it again. Another "duuhhh which way did he go? Which way did he go?" moment.

We have accounts at two banks, one is for business and our personal account is at a local credit union. Sometimes when I am really short on time I will foolishly ask him to make a deposit for me.

The credit union has their own deposit envelopes which are clearly marked in big blue letters. I usually mark the business accounts deposit so he will know which way to go. But it doesn't always work.

The other day I used a clearly marked credit union envelope so I didn't think I needed to remind him where to go.....wrong.

He takes our daughter with him and they drive the opposite way, to the business branch. She gets out of the car, puts the envelope in the drop box and they go on their merry way.

Monday morning he gets a phone call and a cheerful girl says "Hi, this is Rachel at U.S Bank."

He said "AGAIN?", which means he has done this before. They are getting to know each other quite well.

My daughters excuse as to why this happened is that the envelope was upside down.

I said "TURN IT OVER!"

Then I told her in no uncertain terms that when she is with her dad, she is the adult and he is the child and she must watch out for him so he doesn't do anything stupid.

That's a big job for a little kid.


AngieSS said…
LMAO! I can so relate. But, sometimes I wonder if they are being really clever in a devious way and think if they screw it up enough times we won't make them do it anymore! ;)
Signe said…
LOL...too funny! Luckily both my dh and I have our "duh" moments, so I don't feel too bad :D
Kat said…
LOL! Men need VERY EXPLICIT directions. (no offense to any men reading...)

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