One of the Worst Meals I ever made

First I have to say that I am a pretty good cook. Maybe not Martha Stewart good, but I don't get too many complaints. I don't cook out of a box and prepare scratch meals 5-6 nights a week. That's why I was surprised when I screwed up so bad on this one.

I had found a recipe for oven crisped fish and chips. My dh loves fish and chips and I wanted to make it for him. It called for Haddock which I easily found. While defrosting the fish I had to pour off water several times from the container. I guess that should have been my first clue. I have never seen a fish so 'wet'. So I squished it and squashed it to get all the water out. I was supposed to coat the fish in bread crumbs with spices and set aside in a pan, which I did.

Then I needed to cut 2 potatoes into wedges and shake in a bag with 2 tbs. of flour. Well, 2 tbs. did not seem like enough to me so I added about a half-cup of flour and shook away. We all love Jo Jo's so I thought this was going to be great!

I put the spuds in the oven first so they could get a head start. I checked them after about 20 minutes; they looked a little pale so I gave them another 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later I took them out and gave them a poke. They were almost done but they looked like white turds on a tray; and they tasted about the same. They were not brown at all. Mmmmmmmm, I thought, maybe too much flour? So I did what any professional cook would do, put the spuds in a strainer and rinse off the flour. Now, they'll brown up. I gave them a few more minutes and they didn't look any better, but took them out to poke them again. Done, but maybe a few more minutes oughta do. The pan was hot dammit and as I'm trying to get it back in the oven with my 'ov glove, the pan was hot and heavy and the potatoes started sliding off the back of the tray to the bottom of the oven.

I yelled for dh to come and help. First he tried to stab them with a cake tester and they slid right off. So I handed him a pair of tongs and he tried to grab them. The handle was too short so he couldn't reach them all. I had to get a large knife to scoot them out close enough so he could grab them. All this time our daughter is hysterically laughing while she has changed her mind about dinner and pouring herself a bowl of cereal.

I then stick the fish in the bottom rack knowing they wouldn't take long at all. At least there was hope for some good fish. By this time they had become soggy in the breading because they were still leaking water. The fish turned into a big, soggy, hot ball of crap.

But we ate it anyway; and it sucked big time. I woke up with a stomach ache during the night and had the runs the next day. Don't know if I can blame dinner for that but I know that recipe will never be tried again.


Da_Kween said…
Was the fish frozen? Some fish tend to absorb a lot of water when frozen. If the haddock was fresh and still leaked water...chances are it wasn't fresh at all and had sat on the ice too long.

Try it time adding some seasoning to the flour for the potatoes and if you buy frozen fish...thaw it and then allow it to sit on paper towels until they're completely dry!

Hope that helps :)
kden said…
yes, it was frozen and probably for a long time! And I did add spices to the flour, I just think I had way to much flour on the potatoes.
Signe said…
I've done this (I could've written this post)...we call it fish mush! Now I only buy frozen catfish and salmon...they don't mush up.

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