Mmmmmm......yummy breast milk ice cream

To me PETA has occasionally been a little 'out there'. I agree with some of their philosophies but this last one is just plain strange.

They want Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream to start using human breast milk for their ice cream instead of cows.

Can we all do a collective "eeeeewwwwwwwwww!"

They say it would reduce the suffering of cows and calves. What about the poor lactating women that will now have to be hooked up to the milking machines. I have USED a breast pump, I KNOW how it feels. If I had thought that it would have made wonderful ice cream I would have made my own years ago.

And then what about all those dairy cows that now will have no purpose and might even burst wide open because they aren't being milked?

And should other ice cream makers be insulted that PETA did not contact them? I mean there are hundreds of companies out there using millions of gallons of milk for the ice cream that we love so much. You've got your Baskin-Robbins, how many flavors do they have now? Do they want a new flavor.....booby berry or mama's moo cow chocolate? And Dairy Queens' ice cream would take on a whole new meaning. You could even have your breastberry swirl delivered by Schwan's! Come on, let's make up new flavors!

So make sure you start reading labels when buying your favorite ice cream. If I start seeing things like, 'This new flavor brought to you by Bonnie', I'm moving on to a new vice.


Hahahaha! I dunno about breast milk ice cream either :P
Signe said…
I think it's great...the obesity rate in the US will drop dramatically! People will quit ice cream. :P flavor..."double" creamy caramel.
Sharpodue said…
mmm mmm mmmmmm! lovely!

I just think nobody but a rather wierd pervert would buy it!

strange but loving the post!
AngieSS said…
I think it is udderly ridiculous (sorry I couldn't help myself)

I don't understand why this group places a higher value on animals than on people! I get that we need to ensure the ethical treatment of animals, but shouldn't we ensure that for all human beings first?
Anonymous said…

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