I Reamed Janet a New One Today

I really hate when I let my temper get the best of me, because I feel bad later, sometimes.

Every year since 1st grade my daughter has received free lunch at school. And dutifully every year I fill out a new application. This year they put us on 'reduced' status. OK, I'm fine with that. I guess it means we have more money--she says sarcastically. But the little problem started when they did not notify me. I called food services and told them that I hadn't received my letter and so she told me on the phone of my new status. Never once in the convo did she say that it was effective IMMEDIATELY. Every year I get my letter it says that the status is good until October 10th of the following year, so I assumed I had until the 10 or so to send some money for lunch. She told me she would send a new letter which I received today, but still nowhere on the letter did it say that it was effective immediately.

Today my dd types in her student ID and the lunch lady says, that will be 40 cents. My daughter starts stammering and getting all teary eyed and said that she didn't have it. Then the lunch lady proceeded to take her lunch away. Just took it away and gave her 2 packs of crackers. She told her she could get some fruit when most of the kids had eaten.

OK, after hearing this my blood pressure is sky high and I grab the phone. Poor Janet was the one to answer. She tried to interrupt me once and I said "No, I'm not done because I'm really pissed". I love when I come up with those good lines.

The point I was trying to make is that I was not notified and my daughter was embarrassed to have had her lunch taken away like she was some beggar in the movie Oliver. Luckily she had some friends share their lunch with her.

Janet passed me off to the business office who wanted to pass me off to the the lunch lady. I thought it wasn't a good idea to ream out 3 people in one day so I stopped there.

I will send money tomorrow so she can eat and I promise I will call Janet and apologize. It wasn't her fault and I feel bad if I ruined her day.

And..........maybe I'll call food services tomorrow too.


Anonymous said…
They were wrong, wrong, WRONG to take your daughter's lunch away. I'm sure that 40 cents would not have broken the bank. I think you should call the lunch lady; who knows how many kids have spent the day hungry because of their poor organizational skills and uncaring attitudes?
kden said…
Yep, but those are the 'rules' for middle and high school--no charging meals. I did call food services and they apologized, but you know it won't change. The new application overrides the old one even if it's done before the deadline. So I will sure remember that for next year....not to be in such a damn hurry. Procrastination is good ;-)

And I did apologize to Janet, poor thing.
Signe said…
That's awful!! Your poor dd; they really shouldn't do that, policy or not.
rory said…
ooooh I would have been pissed. That was not the correct way for that lunch lady to behave, humiliating a child, who the hell is she God? When I went to school the lunch lady used to let kids pay the next day if such a situation arose.
AngieSS said…
OMG! I would have went up there and kicked her @#$! I can understand why they have the rules, but when it happens the first time they should have done it as a credit. Then they could have sent you a note home. Wow...you want I should come up there and kick there @#$es? That made me sad. :(

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