This cheerful little subject line is what greeted me last Friday morning as I opened my email.

To back up the story a bit I will have to tell you why this jerk felt he had to say this to me. Earlier this spring I had written a story about one of ladies I work for. It was a very nice story.....really. I'm not totally bitchy all the time. It was the first story I had ever written and I was pretty proud of it.

My husband and I both subscribe to a couple of inspirational ezines. A few of them run full stories on Friday's. I submitted my story to both of them but only heard back from one, so far.

It ran on Friday and my inbox was full of the nicest emails from all over the world telling me how much they loved the story and that I should continue to write. Then there was this one.
Do the world a favor and quit writing. my GOd what trash. no meaning... no passion... no purpose . Don't quit your day job.

Transforming world consciousness...healing the seminar, one book & one person at a time.


I read it once, twice and then again to make sure that I was reading it correctly. It wasn't so much that someone didn't like it. That wouldn't bother me at all. But look at his signature....he claims to be a $%^&*!@ Speaker, Author and Seminar Leader!


I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Like maybe someone was using his name and sending out trash. So I decided to call his bluff and write back.
Mr. Carswell,
You strike me as a mean LITTLE person. And what's more scary is that you tag yourself as "inspiring, educating & empowering others to accomplish their goals and reach their full potential".

I wonder what your clients would think if they saw you 'inspire and empower' someone like me, just trying to share a story with others. I also write a blog which would be a great venue to share this little email of yours.

The amount of positive mail I have received today certainly cancels out your mean, negative tirade. There, I feel educated already.

And his response:
Yes you are absolutely right! That is one of the stupidest things I have done. Follow your hearts desires... live your passion and write your heart out....

Shame on me. I only want to inspire you and others to do what is in their hearts. My ego gets the better of me often and I get judgemental.

please forgive me...Rik

Forgive him, no don't think so. Not because he has an opinion, which he has a right to. But because he included his name and occupation which in most cases would make a person possibly want to seek him out for his services. But I think this guy has no business being in the business that he is in.

Inspiring, educating, and empowering my ass.


Anonymous said…
You go girl! People like that need to be called on their behavior. :-)
Meka said…
Thats great how you called him out. I bet since you have his information and a blog that will get readers, he got scared. You really told him. Great blog too. All of us quiet people need to vent sometimes. I know I do.
What a totally crazy-ass exchange. I'm not sure I would have put the time and effort into responding that you did, except maybe out of curiosity to see how he could possibly respond. Congrats on getting a story published, though. That's fantastic.

MickisMorsels said…
The irony is not lost on me. Still, I am so dumbfounded that I cannot articulate just how many levels of wrong this guy is!
AngieSS said…
He must be a miserable little man to have felt the need to email you with such negativity. I'm guessing he's the one that needs to quit his day job!! Your response to him was exactly what I would have written...okay...maybe not exactly. I would have probably summed it up in two words. Your way is much better! ;)

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