The Dim Bulb Almost Burns Down The House

My daughter has a cute little lamp in her room; a plastic purple flower in a pot. The light burned out and my husband with his infinite wisdom decided to put in a new bulb.

It's really a night light, not a full blown lamp and is supposed to take a 4 watt bulb. But all he can find is a 40 watt bulb that goes in our dining room light fixture. He figures that if the base fits, then it will work.

By bedtime my dd goes in to get ready for bed and smells something strange. I walk in and see this beacon of light coming from her table. I go to look at the lamp and the two petals of plastic are fused to the light bulb.

I yelled at my husband, "If I had known you were using that kind of bulb I would have told you not to."

He said, "Well I guess I should have had told you what I was going to do then you could have told me that it wouldn't work."

"And you couldn't think of that on your own??????"

I mean, really, look at the size of that bulb in that tiny lamp. But apparently he got it out and didn't break it so she'll continue to use it.

This kind of stuff is pretty much a common occurance in our house.


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