$157.78 later.....and still a wrong diagnosis

Our weather has been warm for the end of summer so we decided to BBQ like we do most weekends. Fired up the grill, put hamburger in the turner and corn on to boil.

Our dog Nellie loves when we BBQ. Her nose follows my dh as he brings the meat outside and then as he brings it back in and then back out when we sit out to eat.

Before he put the meat on the grill he dropped a little piece in her dish. Then he propped the door open so it would be easier to go in and out with our hands full. While we were eating we noticed that she was not outside waiting for our last bite. She is not a beggar but knows that we always save her one little piece so she waits patiently for it.

As we went in after dinner we noticed the raw piece of hamburger on the floor. We tried to give her a bite of hot dog and she started whimpering, pacing and looked absolutely miserable. We thought she had been stung by a bee because the top of her nose was still healing by a bite just two weeks ago. If she is laying on the lawn she likes to snap at them. From that bite we know she is not allergic, but must be in a lot of pain.

She's still quite miserable by 8:30 pm and my daughter is crying and asking if ANYPLACE is open that we could take her to. I called the Vet Emergency Clinic and explained the scenario and was told to come right in. OK, freaked out now.

She was willing to hop in the car because that is just about her favorite thing and was even happy with all the different smells at the clinic. She seemed fine, to us and the Vet. Then he tried to give her some baby food, which she ate but then started with the whining and pacing again. He decided to take her in the back so he could get a better look at her mouth.

Time ticks as other people are bringing their pets in. I'm surprised at how busy the place is.

The Vet comes out and said that she has a Ranula (abscessed saliva gland) under her tongue and that it needs to be opened up and cleaned, which of course requires anesthesia. I asked him if a bee sting can bring out the same type of lump. He said possible but not probable. But I'm not about to rush into anything yet. We opted for her to have a shot for pain and some antibiotics to take home and then we'd see our vet in the morning. After we got home we found a dead bee on the stove that we hadn't seen earlier, hhmmmmmmm.

I was still believing him at that point when I called my Vet but couldn't get her in until Tuesday. Monday she was still pretty out of it and didn't want to take our usual walk so we let her rest. By afternoon though, she had eaten some and we even went on a short stroll.

By Monday evening we were pretty convinced that it was a bee and not a Ranula. We think the bee landed on the hamburger in her bowl. Either she wanted the meat or wanted the bee on the meet and that's how she got stung.

So then I was thinking, do I still go in and pay $60.00 or so just to have them tell me that there is nothing there? No, I called this morning and told them that she was fine and I would continue with the antibiotic just in case.

I guess we will know for sure in a few days after she is finished with medication whether he was right or not. It wasn't enough antibiotic to totally get rid of an infection and if she gets sick again I guess I will have to eat a little crow....again

I'm still glad we took her in but I'm kind of upset that he didn't seem to think that we knew what we were talking about. Maybe he had never seen a bee sting before. I have done a lot of research on bee stings in dogs and now know what I will do instead.
1..Don't panic.
2..Have Benadryl on hand.
3..Let her rest and give her lots of lovin'.


pet docs are expensive i agree
kden said…
Yea, but it seems more expensive when they can't get it right. Had to use my cc which I had down to a 0 balance. But I would do anything for my Miss Nellie ;-)
Signe said…
Poor thing! It's crazy they'd miss a bee sting. Maybe there won't be any bee-chasing after this!
cesty said…
It was wise for you to wait.

And yes, it is quite disturbing that the Vet didn't take your opinion more seriously.

I hope your dog feels better soon!
kden said…
Hi Cesty,
OK I was wrong, thanks for stopping by. Yes, she's back to her normal crazy self.
Roxy said…
It's frustrating when you put your trust in professionals and it goes wrong.

Thankfully I've been fortunate that the vets I've used have been very good. But the costs are staggering.

I finally resorted to getting the required meds online and for HALF the price! Just takes some effort to find an understanding vet.

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