When The Sale Price Used To Be The Normal Price

The other day I went to a 13-hour produce sale at a local grocery store. I got there early to get a good selection and the store was already buzzing. I fought my way through the multitude of shoppers to get my big bargain.

Then I got to thinking as I looked at the 'bargain' prices; .97 a lb. for tomatoes, 1.00 for a bag of lettuce and spinach, corn-3/1.00, .87 a lb. for cauliflower and 1.29 a lb. for green beans. Remember that not long ago these were the normal prices for vegis?

So as I clutched my bags of produce that I proudly only paid 12.47 for,I said to myself "Wow, what a deal." But I miss the good old days when I could just walk out of a store and think I paid a fair price for a good product. Now I have to wait for a big sale and walk out thinking they did me a big favor.


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