Time To Eat a Little Crow

OK, so you know I rant about my neighbor from time to time.

I started disliking him about a week after they moved in and that was probably about 6 years ago. After the whole dog thing escalated and then blew up I have tried to be nicer and not be such a bitch myself. ME.....A BITCH?????? I did see a lot of things in myself that I did not like after that incident and am working on tolerance.

Now, what has got me to be so newly mushy towards my neighbor is that yesterday as a Birthday present for my daughter, he gave her a ride on his Harley. My daughter is the most conservative little now-13-year-old you have ever seen, and this was quite a big deal to her. You can usually find her with her head in a book all day long (not that that's a bad thing). She's not a mall rat, texting, midriff showing, mouthy, teenager. I got lucky with this one.

So anyone that does right by my daughter can't be all that bad. They were gone about 45 minutes and he took her for a ride along the river. She had a great time and said it was the best thing about her birthday. He let her wear his wife's leather jacket and a biker scarf to wear under the helmet. He even taped out nasty words on his helmet so she wouldn't have to look at them.

So I have had a weak moment and hopefully I will get back to normal soon. Because I still hate his little dog!


Anonymous said…
Wait till you see what he does on her 18th birthday!

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