Thank You Already

Today will be a rambling about my mom, for no particular reason other than I'm just in the mood, ha.

My mom is a big stickler for thank-you cards/notes. Not in giving them, but receiving them. But it's only reserved for her grandchildren, one of which is my daughter.

I'm all for written thank-you notes and my daughter sends them after (most) Birthday's and Christmas's. But my mom will drop little hints if she has not received anything in a few weeks after a gift is given.

But my mom throws a royal hissy fit if she does not get one from her other grandchild....who is 30 years old!!!! I KID YOU NOT. She will even slip in a stamped envelope with a check for Christmas. Please God, take me now if I ever get to this point.

Although I do believe in giving thanks, why does she feel that SHE is exempt from this protocal? I have given her some damn fine Christmas presents and never once has she sent me a thank-you note.

She has never demanded one from my brothers and I. I surely don't expect one from them after the holidays. Hell I'm just happy if we can all get together without killing each other. In a way I don't feel thank-you notes to family are necessary, but that's just me.

This just totally bugs me year after year and I figure if I get this off my chest now, I can enjoy the next 4 months before Christmas.


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