The Party's Over--For Now

This little drunken tale starts last Thursday night. Husband's at work. It's 2:00 a.m. and I hear someone yell "Hey!" in the back yard. It took me awhile to discern who's voice it was, then I recognized it as my dh's work partner. They keep the work truck in the garage and he was waiting for my dh to get home so they could switch.

There was some drunk kid in my backyard under our patio looking around. Rick got close enough to be able to touch him but yelled instead. The kid flies over the fence which is not easy because it is a good five feet drop to the sidewalk. He runs kitty-corner across the street where there is a good party going on. All underage drinkers. Then I heard my dh come in and go back out the door. I got up not really knowing what was going on. I saw my dh picking up glass in the alley and street that the drunk kids had thrown. They tried to give him some song and dance about them being too young to drink. We may be old but we're not stupid.

Why we didn't call the police then I'll never know. I think it was because we know the neighbors and they seem to be nice people. We thought it was an isolated incident and didn't want to cause any problems.

The next day my dh went to their house and talked to the oldest girl in the house. The parents are both away and this 23 y/o girl with a baby is in charge of all the kids along with a set of 15 y/o twins. They knew the name of the kid that was in our yard but that's all they would tell him. OK, then we try to move on.

Early tonight I took my dd to the library and was walking our dog in the park. I saw a kid running across the street into the park with a full case of beer. He met up with the same neighbor girl (one twin) and her friends. They recognized me and walked away but I noticed they were wearing back packs. I'm sure they loaded the beer in the packs and went a drinkin'. I went to my car, got my phone and called 911. They didn't seem much interested.

On my way home I could see where they had migrated to so after I got home I called 911 again to tell them where they were. Still not very interested. After I'd been home awhile I saw the group of them coming to their house, very drunk. Pick up the phone and call 911 again, still not terribly concerned, even after telling them about last week. Then one of the boys threw a bottle at our rock wall and it broke. I'm still on the phone with the dispatcher and told her to get there now because I was PISSED. I said I was going out the gate and she asked me if I was armed. I should have said "HELL YES". I tell the punk to pick it up and he had the balls to say "Oh I'm sorry Mam, I just found it". I said "BULLSHIT, pick it up". I'm still on the phone with dispatch and still she acts like it's not a big deal.

Then my dh comes home for a break and I tell him we might be in for an interesting night. Thirty minutes later still no cops, so dh calls them again to tell them they are in the backyard visibly drinking.

Finally they show up, two hours after my first call. I know it's not an emergency but I knew it would escalate and after my dh goes back to work, my dd and I are alone in the house.

They arrested the older sister because she was responsible for the kids in the house. I think some of the kids may be going to juvie but not sure. Many of them had left earlier. I do feel bad for the girl because her parents obviously put her in charge. But I think we gave them a chance by not calling earlier.

Am I afraid of retaliation? Yea a little. DH just left for work and took our dd with him. So just me and the dog who I hope would protect me if need be.

I wonder if they have any beer left, because I could sure use one. Maybe I could go ask my new bes' frien' biker neighbor if he's got any. I know that if I ever needed help I could count on him. OK now I'm getting all mushy again, I need some sleep.


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