Oh Captain, MY Captain

Have you ever been Gaa Gaa over a TV personality? My daughter and I are partially smitten with a certain Capt. Johnathan of Deadliest Catch. She likes Capt. Andy more because she doesn't go for the scruffy kind. But she's only 13 so what does she know?

Our love of these certain captains was intensified when we saw them at a book signing earlier this year. They were both very humble guys who seem to be a little surprised of their newly star status.

I then joined the forum at Time Bandit just to join in on a little conversation and to keep us with what the captains were up to during their off time.

In any forum, you are going to have the regulars, semi-regulars, sometime posters and lurkers. I range from lurker to sometime poster. You then have a group that like to call themselves the leaders of the gang. Now since this forum revolves around nice looking men, members are mostly women. Any woman or girl for that matter that is a fan of the FV Time Bandit is called a Bandita.

The leaders of the gang title themselves "Founding Banditas". I guess they are the Queens of the Forum and we must treat them accordingly. Another group got pissed off by this and started their own Yahoo group, calling themselves Bad Ass Bitches. They originally started this group to send a pair of boxer shorts all over the states for women to sign and then send them on to Johnathan before the new season starts this fall. Well I admit this sounded like fun and joined the group. But by the time I was in, the underoos were off and running and I wasn't on the list. No big deal so I hung around to lurk anyway.

Well now the BAB's still post on the TB forum but they like to cause trouble in chat. Occasionally Andy and some of the boys from the boat will stop in chat unannounced for some fun. I have never been in there at the time. John has done some chats, but they are mostly interviews with him on the phone and moderators asking him pre-screened questions. Nobody liked this arrangement but most went along with it. Oh, except the BAB's. They just don't seem to be happy about anything and started their own chat.

Now things are starting to break down because there is now a 'Mole' in the house of BAB's and posts are being copied and pasted into the TB forum or sent to the Mod's.

And now the undies are being sent to people who didn't agree to overnight them to expedite shipping time.

Some BAB's are pouting because John doesn't do his own posting and won't read their MySpace messages to him. They are getting disillusioned about him because he is a REAL person with a life, how DARE him!

Who needs soap operas!

Funny thing is, these women are not young girls. I believe they range in ages from mid 30's to at least my age (can you say 50?). One woman on the forum even faked an accident in hopes that John would stop by and visit her.

Ladies please, get a life and move on. I love them too but Andy is married and John will never come and visit, to share a beer.......... or otherwise.


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