I Miss The Ocean

Our little weekend trips are over. They were nice but it's just not where I wanted to be.

Our favorite place in the world is Cannon Beach, Oregon. We have stayed at many places there over the years but lately we have stayed in a little cabin at an RV park. We used to always stay at Schmitz Cottages but Mel died several years ago and his cabins were torn down for much fancier (and expensive) accommodations. His cabins were large, not fancy, even a little dirty (according to my mother), but we loved them. They were just steps from the beach and he charged a fair price.

We went there occasionally while growing up and my husband had never been there so whenever we were able to take vacations, that's where we would go. And that's really the only vacation place our daughter has ever been. She loves it as much as we do.

What got me to missing the ocean so much is catching a whiff of my neighbor's smoke from his fireplace. It made me think of the campfire at the cabin. It doesn't take much to take me there. Sometimes it's just the clean air smell in the morning after a rain.

There was an artist who used to live there and she wrote, "I Come To The Sea To Breathe." I love that quote so much I painted it on my hallway wall. Whoever buys this house after we are dead and gone better not paint over it or I will haunt them.

But that's truly how I feel. Sometimes I feel like I am choking and the only thing that can help is to breathe in the salty cold air. And now I will be choking until we can go back.

Maybe I used to live there in another life. Or maybe I was a fish. Who knows?

I just know that I miss it and I want to go......now.


Signe said…
Beautiful pics!! Looks like a great spot to relax.

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