I Am A Weird Driver

Now I didn't say that I was a bad driver. Actually I'm a very good driver. I've been driving for 34 years and never had an accident. I was in a bad one once when I was 16, but that will have to be a different story.

We went on a little trip this past weekend and I realized that I really don't like to drive all that much. My husband loves it though. But he does get tired so I try and drive about 1/3 of the time.

There are so many things I don't like about driving; to name a few:

Winding roads-I feel like I'm going to drive off the side of the road.
Hills-Same thing.
Winding and hilly roads-Same thing x2.
Bad weather conditions-Pretty much same thing.
Cars behind me-I'd rather follow.
Semi's beside me-They swerve too much.
Passing cars-I don't like going 80 to pass someone.
Using cruise control-I'd rather be in control, thank you.
Heavy city traffic in strange towns-I'm a better navigator.
Construction areas-I always get them when it's my turn.

So just give me a straight road with no one around, except for maybe one car way out in front so I can see if he drives off the road, then I'll know there are curves coming up.


Fay said…
Here's one of mine: Semi's behind me, I always think that the driver may get distracted, or have a heart attack, floor the gas pedal, and run my car completely over.
kden said…
Or how about when you're trying to pass them and they get all swervy and you think they're going to knock you off the road!

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