Walmart, A Love-Hate Relationship

I am kind of embarrassed to say that most of the time I love Walmart. It is only blocks from my home and overall I can find things cheaper than most other places. It meets my basic grab and go needs.

But some days I shake my head and wonder why I even bother. Today I needed to pick up some medicine and grab a few things, quickly. First mistake to think it could be done quickly. Part of the parking lot was being re-blacktopped. Barricades made me go all the way back out to the street and then go all around the block to enter on the other end of the store. Went to pick up my blood pressure meds, you know the ones I didn't want in the first place. I transferred them from my clinic so I could take advantage of the $4.00 prescriptions. They weren't ready yet, big surprise. They hadn't even been transferred yet. I was sent to another window. I stood there for 10 minutes while the pharmacist called the other pharmacy to get it transferred. He said it would only take about 10 more minutes to get it filled. By then I was out of time since I still had to grab a few things and get to work. Took all of my things to the lawn and garden area to pay for them because my car was closer to that end. Damn...the line was too long, so I had to go back to find another cashier. Geez, it's no wonder I have high blood pressure.

And still I had to go back this afternoon to pick up my meds. But I left grinning after only having to pay $4.00 for them.


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