Vacation? I'm Too Tired

We're getting ready to take a 3 day weekend trip across state. Many people say that they are tired after their trip and need a vacation after their vacation. But what about before you even get started on the trip that you so desperately need?

I'm not sure how it works with other couples, but in my house, I seem to be stuck with the brunt of the work. This is how it usually breaks down, regardless if it is a couple of days or a week.

My list:
search online to find motels if we have never been to the area before
make reservations
stop paper and mail
make arrangements for animals to be taken care of
figure out what to take for food/drinks
help daughter figure out what to take, but it's easier now that she is getting older
water plants
water lawn thoroughly
pay bills ahead
unplug computer's power source and phone line (in case of storms)
have timers set on lamps
do last minute laundry
set air conditioner
pack for myself, usually at the last minute because I have been so busy with above list
pack dog's food, dish, medicine, bed and jammies (just kidding about the jammies part, but why not)
pack ice chest
pack food
get out of the house without killing anyone
Oh, and goody I get to do it all over again next month when we take our other three-day weekend

His list:

That's it


To be fair, occasionally he will call to make reservations or to make arrangements to have our dog taken care of. And he will check the tire pressure if he 'gets around to it'. Oh, and it's very important to wash the car. This one bugs me. Why is it so important to have total strangers admire your clean car as you're going down the road? Yes, we are going on vacation and our car is CLEAN! He does load the car up too, but it has to be done so strategically that no one else would want to do it anyway.

Now I have to tell you how this guy packs. He likes to take Hawaiian shirts to wear out to dinner. He wants to take 3. We will only be gone 2 nights. I asked him if he was staying an extra night and didn't tell us. We used to be able to share a large suitcase, but I gave up, there was no room for my stuff anymore.

Years ago before our daughter was born we were taking a week's vacation and he was getting his clothes lined up on the bed. I saw 14 pairs of socks lined up like little kittens. I asked 'why all the socks'? He said 'well you never know, I might need them'. That equaled out to be 2.1 pairs of socks a DAY. I can usually wear a pair for 2 days. To say that he over packs is an understatement. He should take an extra suitcase for the 'just in case' clothes. He even takes an extra bag for the multitude pair of shoes that he 'thinks' he may be wearing. Oh crap, I forgot about the hats. What does a man do with so many hats??? By day two they are starting to get in my way and I start tossing them like frisbies in the back of the van. I think it's a sickness, like hoarding. That's it, a vacation clothes hoarder.

I must end this now before I work myself more than I already am. But you see why I am so tired before we even pull out of the garage.


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