Ladies, Don't Make Me Sit On Your Pee

I know that sounds awfully gross but that's how I feel when it happens to me.

I was ready to post all of the annoying things that happened to me on our little trip but this was the only thing, so here goes. This happens not only on trips though. I encounter this much more than I would like, in many more places than it should.

We had stopped for gas and of course to use the restrooms. I had to wait for an elderly woman to get out of the restroom and instead of doing a quick check, I sat down quickly onto.....her pee. The disgust I feel over sitting in someone else's pee is immeasurable. I'm not sure if it's the generation because I usually don't see who I have to follow behind in a restroom. But I'm sure this woman was taught not to sit on toilet seats, but to squat instead. Do they realize that by avoiding the 'killer germs', they are doing something much more vile. They are forcing another woman to either sit in it or to have to clean up after them. It's disgusting enough to have to clean up after 'man dribbles', but to clean up after another woman?!?!?!?!??!?

I have never heard of ANYONE catching anything from a toilet seat. I think it is one of the oldest wives tales around. I remember as a young girl going to a football game with my mom. While using the restroom, she told me not to sit on the seat, but to squat. Even at that age I thought it was ridiculous and have never done it since. That's why they make the little paper doilies to sit on ladies, so you can sit comfortably like God intended you to. I have used those a few times when I found a restroom to be beyond gross.

So please ladies, if you MUST stand and pee, please clean up your mess. I mean really, think about whoever might come in after you. Some sweet little girl potty training, or another elderly lady like you, or ME. I would rather follow this cat in a bathroom, than you.


Fay said…
I'm right there with you on this. Is it too much trouble to wipe the dribbles off the seat? I'm not going to sit on the toilet seat anyway, but why should I have to see anyone's mess?
Cashmere said…
I agree....
You can do anything inside the toilet but please clean up after you use!
Just because it's a public toilet doesn't mean you can leave you mark all over! Geeez!

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