Getting Life Insurance Is Easy---NOT

My husband's 10-year term Life Insurance Policy is up August 1st. He is now 61 years old and for the last two months trying he has been trying to find a new policy. The old carrier will not be continuing with term insurance so they were not an option.

Both his and my policies are now being handled through eterm and so we have had them looking for a new carrier. Found one that looked promising but now with his age we know that we will be paying a higher premium.

But he had the nurse come out and test everything that was testable. When we got the results everything was in the normal range----I mean EVERYTHING. Not one test sent up a red flag. But was that enough for the new carrier-to-be????? Noooooo, they wanted him to go to a doctor because it has been awhile. We are going to a new clinic now but he has never been there. I think in general we don't trust doctors and only go to them when necessary. I have never been one of those mothers that take their kid to the doctor every time they sneeze.

But he makes an appointment and tells the doctor that he is only there for life insurance purposes and brings the test results to show him. At the office his blood pressure was high, even though it was normal at the home visit. They also discussed that at some point, a colonoscopy should be done. End of visit. A few weeks later, he hears from the agent who tells him that the carrier is putting his policy on hold because of his high bp reading and that the doctor said he NEEDS to have the colonoscopy done. Say What?

Hubby then talks to nurse of 'young doctor' (who probably doesn't even have life insurance yet) and asks that he please re-word the notes because that's not the way the discussion went. That was done, and a few weeks later the agent calls and said the carrier is still putting policy on hold primarily because of the bp reading. They want him to go back and have it tested again.

OK, so now they have one good reading and one bad reading. They are choosing to take the bad reading and make a decision on a potential policy. Personally I think that they haven't seen good labs on a 61 year old man before and are looking for something. I could see if a person is diabetic, has high cholesterol or abnormal readings on tests. But there is nothing.....nothing. It's even a better result than the one taken 10 years ago!

We have no qualms with eterm and the agent. He has been very accommodating and helpful. But we are looking into another company and will start the process all over again. Maybe we will have the same results, maybe not.

So in the meantime I tell hubby if he's going to die, he must do it before next Friday or wait until he gets more coverage.


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