We All Got Dumped

I found out a few weeks ago that my brother's wife wants a separation. Married only about 5 years, it was the second marriage for both. We all really liked her--alot.

His first wife left him for another man. We felt horrible for him but didn't miss her at all. She was to put it mildly--a bitch.

This feels worse, for all of us. My mom is upset and my daughter loved (and still does) her very much. Who knows what happened. Maybe they were both just lonely after their previous divorces. But she was the nicest, most giving person and it's hard to understand the "why's". I can't even say anything bad about her.

But it's still difficult when you take a new person into your family and love them like your family member does and then they leave. You start to wonder, 'maybe I wasn't a very good sister-in-law or maybe she hated my husband'. Or 'maybe mom bitched just one too many times'. I know in my heart that it is none of these thing but it sometimes feels like we all got dumped in the process.

They say they will continue to be friends and I hope so. My brother is a pretty good friend to have.


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