Is it all downhill from here?

I turned 50 last week. And what did I receive as a gift? A brand new bottle of high blood pressure medicine. Wasn't that nice? I have always been proud of myself for not having to take medicine other than Advil for daily aches and pains.

My new doctor has only seen me a few times but she has commented on my high bp. I would make excuses of why it could be so high, 187/94 didn't seem that bad after all. After this last visit though, the hurried nurse took it and it read a respectable 133/87. I was thrilled and said I bet the doctor would be pleased. After the exam she asked if I was on any medication. I grinned and said "You have threatened, but haven't yet". Then I told her of my 'great' reading but added that the nurse was in a hurry. She, being the good doctor that she is, proceeded to take it again, 157/84. I then had to tell her about my father's heart condition and that he died at 54. CRAP, that clinched it, the prescription was written.

My first mistake was to go right home and investigate this medication online. Big Mistake. I was now afraid to take it, but after a few days decided to go ahead and do it.....because I'm not getting any younger. The first pill was awful, I was so dizzy and had to lie down for awhile. But it's been OK ever since. But still, it makes me feel OLD. And since I work for older people I see my future everyday. It starts with bp meds, then something else is added to to combat the side affects of the first one. And it goes on and on.

I guess me and my dog can grow old together. She is now on Glucosamine/Chondroitin and pain medication due to arthritis.

At least my medicine is cheaper.

OK, so since I mentioned my dog I have to show you a picture of her. This was at my daughter's birthday party last year. We went to a horse farm and this goat did not like her on it's farm. And my dog didn't know WHAT to think of this obnoxious thing that kept butting her. So this was the stare down.


vanessahope said…
hahah I love this picture!!!! So cute! I think if either of my dogs came across a goat they wouldn't know what to make of it, and after they got over the initial shock, they would try to herd it. The first time my older dog ( Buddy) met a horse he was terrified for the first 10 minutes and then thought that they were a game!
roadgurl5 said…
How cute! Poor Nellie doesn't know what to do, does she? Lucy's best friend happens to be a Nellie!

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