I Officially Hate My Husbands Employer

This is going to be a long whiny post so grab some dinner and settle in.

My husband works for a company kind of like UPS, but on a smaller and cheaper scale. They mostly transfer inner-bank mail, never money. Main headquarters is out of state and they work in 3 states in all. This area is possibly the smallest and has only two employees, my dh and another guy. My dh works 2:00 pm to 2:00 am, usually. His partner works from 3:30 am to 12:30 pm, usually. This all depends on the weather and and whether planes are on time.

Having worked for this company for two years he is entitled to 10 days of vacation. But the most ludicrous thing is that they cannot take a vacation because there is no relief driver available for them to go. If either one of them needs a day off, the other guy has to work a double shift, with no overtime. In the bigger-routed areas they have relief drivers available but not here. Last year we did take his one week vacation and the other driver worked doubles for 5 days straight. He did have someone help drive while he slept, but still, it about did him in. Somehow he arranged that he would work the doubles and then get paid for his vacation because he was not going to take one. So he had a mighty fine paycheck last summer.

Well us, being the naive asses that we are, thought that dh could do the same thing this year because we are not taking a full blown vacation, just a few long weekends. He was informed yesterday (and given a copy of the vacation page from the policy and procedure manual-1994) that working and getting paid for a vacation is not allowed. Also, "the practice of taking vacation in less than one week increments is generally not permitted, except in unusual circumstances, and with the approval of company management". OK, I can understand that you cannot double dip your vacation but when you aren't allowed to go on vacation without killing your partner, that in essence is the same as saying--Yes, you get vacation pay but you can't go. That to me is SHIT!

The Human Resource Manager stuck in a little note and said "If you need time off we can make sure that happens". What do you mean, IF he needs the time off. He earned it dammit.

They work long hours in a dilapidated truck that has no AC. We had such a horrible winter here and sometimes my dh did not get home until 4:00 am. The owner had the balls to say that he was working too many hours so she (yes she) broke down his shift, used google mapping and told him how long it should take him to get from point a to b. He now has to account for every stop and how long it takes him to get there. All for a whopping $9.25 an hour.

These days we are grateful that he does have a job and he is keeping his feelers out for another job. He does love driving though and would like to continue in the same field. He is told by everyone on his route, his immediate supervisors, and other drivers he encounters what a great job he does and how much he is appreciated. It's too bad that his own boss cannot see this. A little appreciation goes a long way, and so would a vacation.


complain away said…
Wow, I myself felt the rage inside when I read this, so I can't even imagine how angry you feel. I love how in North America, we're supposed to be so grateful to have the opportunity to take a couple of measly weeks of vacation (or, in your husband's case, maybe have the opportunity) when I have relatives in Europe who regularly get six to eight weeks off every year.

All of this is especially ridiculous when I think about the fact that your hubby works in a profession that's always listed as one of the most stressful, because of the lack of control an employee has. His company should be begging him to get away for some days here and there, if only to keep his sanity on the job! Man.
kden said…
Thanks for stopping by again. While doing a little research I was surprised to find that US has one of the lowest rate of vacation days. No wonder we go postal.

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