Boo Hoo Poor Ed

Hey did you hear about the family in your neighborhood who is losing their home because they can't keep up with their house payments? Me either. But I bet you have all heard about poor Ed McMahon who is facing foreclosure because he is $644,000 behind in his mortgage payments.

There are thousands of people in the same boat; losing their homes, either from extending themselves too far or from circumstances beyond their control. But I betcha that they are not going to get bailed out like Ed will. His pity party will draw friends and he will come through this unscathed. I heard the Trump on TV the other night saying, "We can't let this happen to Ed." Sure Donald, pull out your pocket change and help poor Ed out. And while your at it, before you build that next hotel that no one can afford to stay in, pull out more pocket change to help everyone else in the same predicament.

I know that Ed is not asking for help but he will get it because of who he is. He made mistakes (like buying a 4.8 million dollar home that he couldn't afford in the first place) like many of us do everyday. But I can't go crying to Larry King about my screw-ups because he doesn't give a shit about me or anyone else that might be struggling right now.

If I can budget my money, clearly he should be able to also. Get rid of the pool boy and the maids. And where was his wife when all this was going on. Clearly she had to know they were in trouble. Time to grow up, there's a difference between growing old and growing up.

Maybe he should join Publishers Clearinghouse so he could win a million. Hell, that's what I'm dreaming about to save me.


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