I Bite Back

Another Neighbor and Dog Story. They live down at the end of my alley. We have chatted on our walks if we saw them. They have a big dog which most of the time is in the fenced back yard but sometimes out on the side lawn if someone was outside with her.

When my daughter and I take our dog for a walk it is always the same path which leads us past their house to walk down the alley toward our house. The dog always barks when in the fenced yard, no big deal. For quite awhile though she has been in the side yard with no one around. We purposely take a wide cut off of the sidewalk and then step into the alley. She glares at us but has never gotten up or barked.

About a month ago just my dog and I were walking and as soon as we stepped into the alley this dog charged us, barking and stopped about 5 feet away snarling at us. My dog is such a marshmallow there was no provocation from her. I stood in the alley and yelled for someone to come out and retrieve her. No one came. I was shaking by the time I got home.

I thought I would try a few weeks later but took my daughter with me. She was scared but I told her it would be OK. Same thing happened, she charged us and stood there barking and snarling. This time I wasn't leaving until I got someone's attention. Finally the wife came out with a leg brace on (yes I felt bad that I got her up from obvious resting). I asked her if she could come and get her dog. She apologized and said the gate was open and she must have JUST got out. I told her that the dog has been out for at least a half-an-hour because we saw her as we were leaving for our walk. Anyway she apologized over and over and said it would never happen again. I said that if it did, I would call someone. You always have to have a parting shot when in a confrontation ;)

I have walked that way several more times and haven't even seen the dog. Haven't even seen the husband either so something must have went down but that's not my problem. It becomes my problem when I'm out for a walk with my dog and daughter and we get the bejeezus scared out of us!


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