IRONIC i•ron•ic

1. involving irony
deliberately stating the opposite of the truth, usually with the intention or result of being amusing

2. apparently contradictory
involving a surprising or apparently contradictory fact

My husband was driving on the freeway yesterday and he saw a car in front of him switching lanes frequently in rush hour traffic. He wanted to get around and ahead of the car and as he was going past it, he noticed:

a) Woman Driver
b) On a cell phone
c) Driving a company car from Safeco Insurance

And talk about amusing:

Lawmaker caught speeding in school zone
Goedde sponsored bill to raise fines for violators

Sen. John Goedde, sponsor of the bill to sharply increase Idaho's fines for speeding in school zones, was caught speeding in a Boise-area school zone Feb. 28 – the day his bill was being debated in the state Senate.

"There was some irony there," Goedde, R-Coeur d'Alene, acknowledged Wednesday after news surfaced of his $141.50 ticket.

Apparently he wasn't aware of what the speed limit in a school zone even is, plus he claimed he didn't see the flashing light above the roadway.

Me thinks he should do his homework before sponsoring a bill or maybe pay more attention to clearly marked flashing lights.


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