I Prefer To Call Him Shit Head

My neighbor has a dog. Actually he has 3 but I like two of them. And this particular dog does have a name but I prefer to call him shit head, often.

This dog barks constantly, c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y!!! Rain or shine, if he's out, he's barking. I don't know what one dog could find so much to bark at. And if we step out our back door he's at it again. My dog is even afraid of this little shit. He sticks his little nose between the slats in the fence and barks at us. Sometimes I give the other dogs treats and of course he wants some too, but between his eating of MY treats he is barking at me, so I just prefer to squirt him with the hose. I really think he's got some mental problems.

Last summer I bought a Dog Silencer Pro which emits a high frequency pitch so annoying to dogs that they will stop barking. Well it kind of worked but it also bothered the other two dogs which I didn't want. Plus my dog was totally freaked out about it and stopped wanting to go outside and that poses a problem. Then she attributed the noise to shit head and that's why she's afraid of him now.

I tried talking to the neighbor but all he did was yell at me and told me what a complainer I was, ha. Besides I am afraid of him so won't do that anymore. We are starting to get along a little better so I don't want to rock the boat too much. He actually apologized the other day when the dog was barking at me.

Just some basic training would break him of his barking but they don't really see it. I'd love to sick The Dog Whisperer on him.


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