Why Not?

When I first started this blog I felt apprehensive about starting something in which all I could do is bitch about things. I do have a lot of positive things to say too, but complaining seems to take the forefront of my thoughts.

It seems like these days it is almost a sin to complain. Last spring I ordered 3 of those "Complaint Free" bracelets. I never got them. Did I complain? No, I would have felt too crappy to complain about not getting my 'no complaining' bracelets ;-) I figure this summer I can find tons of them at yard sales.

For fun yesterday I did a search for "complain". I was quite surprised at the amount of webpages dedicated to this topic. Some of the fun ones I found are Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator. Type in a person or a business name and it will automatically generate a nasty letter. You can email someone a link to that page or just print it off. Or you can do nothing and just get some satisfaction from seeing a person being flamed in a letter.

This place is pretty cool too. B*SH-Finally a place to get it off of your chest. Write whatever is bugging you at the moment in topics of Life, Work and School.

Then I ran across these two gals; MY SHE-RO'S. I can only strive to be what they are ;-) They aren't afraid to complain and just say it as they see it. Their blog will be put in my favorites (right under mine). Thanks RainyBow and SunnyShine for giving me the courage to carry on with my little world of complaints. I feel liberated now!

So, complainers UNITE. If you want to complain, WHY NOT?


complain away said…
kden, mean girls DO suck! But, from what I've read of your blog's beginning, you do not. Can't wait to read more of your complaint-blogging!

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