Mean Girls Suck

I hate mean girls. I really do. And girls are so much meaner than boys are in the teen years. My dd goes to Jr. Hi and recently has been bullied by another girl that walks the same way home. She knows this girl; spent the last 2 years in the same class at grade school. Why she started picking on my daughter I'll never know. But after the last incident I called the school and spoke with the counselor. He spoke to my daughter to get her story and said it would be taken care of.

Nothing has happened since, but my daughter will adjust her pace of walking if she sees this girl either behind or in front of her. I don't think that is quite right to have to speed up or slow down just to stay out of someone's way. That means the MEAN GIRL has won. But then again I don't want to scare my daughter by telling her to stand her ground.

This girl is a little screwy in the head and I don't trust her. Last year she told my daughter that she had missed a day of school the week previous week because she was raped 4 years ago and had a baby on the missed day. A 4 year pregnancy, huh? Should call Ripley's on that one. And she was always using very inappropriate language on the bus and talking about things that 6th grade girls shouldn't be talking about. My daughter hated sitting next to her but the bus driver wouldn't let her move.

So anyway I will be keeping a close eye on the situation because you can't let bullying get out of hand. Sure, I know that bullies do it for a reason but It's not for me to figure out WHY she does it, it's up to me to make she that she doesn't do it again.


Jennifer G. said…
Its so sad how some girls have to be so mean in order to be popular or just look good in front of others. IM IN HIGH SCHOOL AND EVERY YEAR I SEE THAT LIFE becomes more and more superficial what a damn shame o well u just have to live and learn and stay strong when others are treating yoou wrong

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