A Little Dab of Dog Doo Should Do

Don't you love to watch little kids play. They are so cute and innocent, you wish you had a bunch of them. Then comes Jr. High kids, they can be so mouthy and bratty. You wish you could put them over your knee and spank them. Then there's the future of our world held in......high school students' hands. OH MY GOD, HELP US ALL.

I live by a high school and the crap we have to put up with would make your head spin. Clogging the streets where we live making it impossible to get to our own home. If anyone wants to come to visit during school hours, they can just forget it, they will never even get close. Service calls during school hours? Do you work Saturdays?

But the thing I hate most is the garbage left behind after lunch and the 'lil ones standing in the alley smoking. The corner down from ours is the worst but a few have ventured down to our end of the alley. I sent the dog out to 'get them' and all she did was lie on the grass and lick her butt. Some watchdog. My spouse wants to deal with them diplomatically by asking them politely to move on. GET REAL, it's not going to happen. They are rude little shits who will just as soon call you a name than do what you ask. So my idea is to take a load of my dog's poop and spread it all over the rock wall that they find so comfortable to sit on. Make the place so revolting that they won't want to hang around. I think it's hilarious but I do have a warped sense of humor. Or even setting a sprinkler the same time everyday would do it too. But for now I think I'm going to go the 'poop' route. I will give my spouse a chance to chase them off but if I see that they are back the next day I'm going to tell my dog to get busy.

Anyone else live by a school? They really don't give a crap do they?


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