Ebay Boycott Affects Buyers Too

I am not a big buyer on ebay but at times enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Before Christmas I bought a generic shuffle for a family member and then decided to buy another one from a different seller. Seller had excellent ratings and feedback so I placed my bid and won. I received the shuffle in a few days so was thrilled. The instructions varied from the first one I bought but I followed them anyway and loaded songs through itunes. Ahh, but the songs would not play. When I tried to remove the music I got a message saying that they were write-protected. I can't get them off. I also then tried to load more music using mp3 or wma files. Same message--write-protected. So I have a shuffle that I can not play or load more songs onto. I immediately wrote to seller asking for replacement within their week-long time frame. It did take another email to get them to respond. It was a very nice email explaining in detail how to download music. I tried with no avail and tried to contact seller again. No answer this time and I noticed that all of his products are gone from his listings.

Mmmmmmmmm....I do some investigating to find that ebay sellers are boycotting because of ebay's fees and policies. This happened the day after I won the bid. So the seller pulls out and I am stuck with a defective shuffle. I can't even reach him by phone.

I have been reading posts by sellers and put in my two cents worth about my dilemma. I was basically told, "Too Bad So Sad" and that I must have picked a wrong seller and was only looking for a good deal. Well DUH, isn't that what every buyer is looking for. They are crying on and on about how they are mistreated and how ebay would be NOTHING without them. I'd like to say that there wouldn't be any sellers if the demand was not there from the BUYERS!

Yes, I have started a claim through PayPal (Which is another thing sellers are bitchin' about) to get my money back and I'm sure I will eventually. But my point is that this boycott is hurting the buyers too and if sellers want buyers to come back to them after this is resolved they better start treating them better.

I'm searching the web trying to find instructions on how to disable the write protection on this thing and nothing is working. It won't format for the same reason. I think it's possessed! If you have any ideas other than running over it with my car, please let me know.
I finally fixed it! I searched everywhere and finally found a tiny mention of making sure the player was not in the "pause or hold" position. Well, it worked and I am now a happy shuffler. I will not continue with my paypal complaint but still think the seller sucks for not getting back to me.


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