Another Baby Is Dead


The newspaper told me a 6 month old baby girl is dead. She died at the hands of.... (insert surprising gasp here) the mothers' boyfriend. Sorry, but I didn't have a surprising gasp. Mother goes to work and comes home finding her child near death. The father/boyfriend "claims" the baby fell and sustained such horrible injuries that the child later dies. You would have to drop the child off of a building to get those kinds of injuries.

Then the parents of the boyfriend claim his innocence and said that he would not willingly hurt a child, because he already has a child of his own, must have been high on meth and accidentally dropped the child because because she was wet after a bath, and this is the best one yet--he was abused as a child. You can insert your own lame ass excuse of why he killed the child but it really happened for one reason. These stupid women leave their child in the care of someone that:
a) doesn't have the balls to get off their lazy ass and get a job so they can both get a reliable babysitter.
b) would rather hang out at home and get high (which is what he did after he hurt the baby. Friends came over and they all sat around smoking weed).
c) thought he must be an upstanding dude to offer to babysit.
d) doesn't have a clue on how to take care of a fussy child and thinks the only way to get it to settle down is to shake it.
e) it doesn't matter why, the baby is dead and she is just as much at fault as he is.

If these women aren't prepared to take care of a child themselves without leaving them with someone more immature than the child itself, they should have put the baby up for adoption. Adoption is better than dead.


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